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Welcome to Empathy For The Devil – our very own podcast, where we delve into the lives of artists and performers who, despite their unique talents, left us far too soon⁠⁠. Each episode is a journey into understanding these individuals beyond societal judgements, unravelling their personal stories with empathy and understanding⁠⁠.

We are of course interested in what happened, but more importantly, we’d like to explore why it happened. In our series, we’ll explore their lives through varied lenses – family trauma, addiction, societal expectations, and the influence of fame⁠. Our podcast is not just about recounting events, but rather an exploration of the underlying factors that shaped these individuals.

Episode 1: Brian Jones

Pop's Ultimate Fallen Angel?

Brian Jones was a founding member of The Rolling Stones. Not only that, he originally brought the band together and was instrumental in forging their unique sound. But these days, he is probably remembered more for his erratic behaviour, drug use, and death than for his vision and talent. In our first episode, Matt Thomas takes the lead to tell us Brian’s story with the sensitivity of a modern mental wellbeing perspective. From his difficult childhood to friction with bandmates and management, troubled relationships, issues with fame and identity, to his escalating substance use and out of control behaviour, his story is retold not as a rock’n roll casualty, but as someone who was in desperate need of help that simply wasn’t available.  This first episode opens up a Pandora's box of themes which we’ll discuss again and again across the series. 

Useful Resources

If you have been affected by the issues discussed in this podcast and are looking for support, you may find some onf the following resources helpful. If you are experiencing a crisis don't hesitate to call the emergency services or visit your local A&E.

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