What our clients say

“Matt and his team have provided unprecedented support to me as Head of Medical Services at a Premier League Football club and the players that we care for on a day-to-day basis. attune have assisted at critical moments regarding the well-being of our players, whilst taking additional time to support our staff members both personally and professionally. The contribution of the professionals at attune has enabled us to develop our own support systems and know how to deal with specific situations that were once at the periphery of our experience. attune have become a team behind the team and are always there for us, whatever the time. I would recommend Matt and attune to anybody seeking that extra line of support in complex and sensitive situations.”

Premier League Football Club

Head of Medical Services

"MMF worked with attune on the MMF Music Manager Accelerator, supported by YouTube Music. attune created a thoughtful space for us to get under the hood of all aspects of mental health and how it impacts the work of the music managers on the programme. This has allowed our sessions to go deep into the complex drivers managers have in developing their own mental wellbeing and strategies to overcome difficulties in the demanding day-to-day work they take on. The workshop is always a highlight for participants individually and a turning point in how the group bonds as a cohort.”

Paul Bonham

Professional Development Director, Music Managers Forum

“The music industry is a perfect place for addictions to hide in plain sight. When mine were destroying my career and my life, Matt and Chula showed me a way out and back.”



“I just wanted to let you know that everyone was so grateful to listen to you today Matt. A lot of the guys said it’s not often we have someone speak who you could listen to for hours. And at the same time, such a considered listener. That’s something I’ve always felt regarding your support and I’m glad everyone could share the experience today!”


“Matt helped out with a very high-profile client at a time of crisis and provided eight weeks of intensive onsite support during a period of unavoidable professional commitments. We are all incredibly grateful for his discretion, vigilance and presence and would not hesitate to use his services again. We’d recommend him in a heartbeat.”


London, Talent Management Agency

“As our sessions come to a close, I feel very confident in the man I have become; not being controlled by my emotions or fear, instead, I face it, I cope better in the real world, I know my roots, I appreciate my journey, and I feel confident in the next stage of my life. I know if I need more sessions, Chula will always be there, and I’ve no doubt there is more inner work to be done. But this now feels right, to take what I’ve learnt and go into the next stage of my life, having become a more responsible man, who’s rediscovered passion and love, compassion and dedication to life, with an open mind to the unknown. It’s scary, but with what I’ve learnt in therapy and my programme of recovery, I can face life. In two years, I’ve gone from a suspended sentence, near death and chronic addiction, with no place to live, to living in London, getting fit, making an album, playing music festivals on a main stage, and most importantly, having a daily spiritual practice that means I’m able to sit with myself, most of the time, two years clean in total abstinence. Life’s not perfect, but then, what is? Peace. Thank you so much for all the guidance.”


Rap Artist & Director

“As an ex-musician, Chula not only understands the complexities and challenges of being a performer and artist, but also how to navigate a career in the arts, and how to successfully move on to another career, without living in resentment and regret. Working with Chula for a year helped me to understand what changes I needed to make in my life and to recognise the good things I already had. Time spent talking with Chula was always time well spent.”


Actor & Facilitator

“Sam is my go-to person for all things mental health for my artists. I feel safe knowing that we can go to a mental health professional who understands the music industry and everything that being an artist involves and work through difficult times together. She is passionate about what she does and delivers brilliant results.”

Josie Wilkinson

London Artist Manager, Three Six Zero

“I’ve known Sam Parker for over two decades now since she was an excellent artist manager in her own right and now as a true advocate and resource for artists and others in the entertainment industry and beyond who suffer from mental health and addiction issues. Her experience dealing with creatives and the rollercoaster nature of their careers and understanding the temptations and pitfalls that lay ahead and behind is priceless, as is her empathy and support. Having a specialist counsellor out there that can relate and ‘gets it’ is reassuring and essential.”

Tim Vigon

LA, Three Six Zero

“attune is my first call, their trusted service is filling a gap that we need more of in the entertainment industry with knowledgeable and experienced team members who go above and beyond.”

Olivia Hobbs

Founder & Director, Blackstar Agency

“I would recommend Sam’s services in a heartbeat, especially if you’re working in the music industry. With so many of us managing our artists’ expectations through the commercialisation of their art, it has been invaluable to understand how to better manage the emotional and psychological dynamics of those relationships. The course that Sam provided offered practical support and great advice, for both the positive mental health of our artists and our staff's wellbeing.”

Nathan Barley Phillips

Head of A&R, Nuclear Blast Records

“I’ve known Sam for 20 years, she’s an amazingly wise woman and as a former manager herself, understands only too well the complexities of what managers face and brings that wisdom to her work.”

Estelle Wilkinson

Eleven Management

“Sam is a huge resource for anyone in need of swift and pragmatic solutions to all manner of mental health and wellbeing issues. She has a great team and deeply cares about her client's welfare. I would highly recommend Sam’s services.”

Paul Worsley

Director, YM&U

“Sam delivered a masterclass for us at ACM for our mental health week. ACM is committed to fostering a safe environment with our student's wellbeing at the core of our values. ACM students must be supported academically, professionally and personally throughout their studies. Sam's masterclass focused both on techniques and strategy based on real-life industry experience of coping with anxiety and stress resulting in a fantastic masterclass for our students. The vibe she created made for an incredibly interactive and positive experience for everyone involved and we can't wait until the next one.”

Ellie Fitzgerald

Academy of Contemporary Music

We’ve had band therapy before, but not like this. The partners are more qualified, more involved and more effective. We wish we’d found them years ago.