Restoring trust and stability in high-stakes film production

One of our beloved clients, a talented actor fresh from rehab, faced industry scepticism due to past on-set incidents under the influence. This perception threatened their role in an upcoming high-stake film, causing concern for the production company.
July 20, 2023
Culture shaping

The challenge

The talent management agency representing the actor was grappling with the situation’s long-standing nature – a scenario that bred uncertainty, strained relationships, and compromised efficiency within the agency.

The intervention

To address the multifaceted impact of the actor’s challenges, we proposed a comprehensive support system encompassing both the actor and the agency staff. We deployed a recovery coach and crisis manager for the actor and an experienced practitioner for the agency staff. The road to recovery involved recovery skills training, psychosynthesis coaching, emotional support, leadership coaching, and exploration of family-of-origin roles.

The transformation

The actor completed the film production without incidents, demonstrating improved reliability and emotional self-regulation that gradually rebuilt industry trust. The talent management agency experienced a significant shift towards a more stable and supportive environment, with stronger boundaries and enhanced operational efficiency. Long-term effects included attune’s continued involvement in occasional continuing care, highlighting the lasting impact of the intervention on both the actor and the agency.

This example showcases attune’s holistic approach to crisis management and recovery support within the entertainment industry, illustrating the importance of tailored interventions that extend beyond the individual to encompass the broader professional ecosystem. Through strategic support and the development of self-regulation skills, attune facilitated a positive outcome that benefited all parties involved, demonstrating the potential for recovery and growth in the face of complex challenges.

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