Artist manager coaching

A self-employed artist manager working in the music industry was dealing with several professional challenges. Their work was taking over their life, leaving little room for personal time.
March 2, 2024

The challenge

They were dealing with financial uncertainty and high levels of stress. Their job description was unclear and they felt their value was tied more to their client’s success than their efforts. They also felt insecure in their role and were struggling with the egos of the people they managed. In addition, they were dealing with the impact of fame and money on their client.

The intervention

In response to these issues, the artist manager sought help from attune. We created a customised coaching program to address their specific problems. The coaches created a safe and supportive space for the artist manager to discuss their issues and worked together to identify solutions and strategies to help manage their work life better.

The transformation

After the coaching program, the artist manager experienced significant improvements. They felt more in control of their role and were better able to manage their responsibilities. They felt more confident and stable, and their work rhythm became more predictable. Their feelings of insecurity decreased and they felt more valued for their effort, not just their client’s success. They also managed to establish better work boundaries and found effective methods for dealing with difficult personalities. They were able to create a more balanced work-life routine, and they developed strategies to handle the impacts of fame and money on their client.

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